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Using a 20p coin you can easily determine whether your tyres meet the legal tread depth requirement of 1.6mm

If stopped by the police with tyres not meeting the legal tread depth you could face:

Maximum of three penalty points

A fine of up to £2,500 per tyre

Generally speaking, people are always looking for a better deal on their tyres. In the current economic climate, price is even more important. For the cost conscious, part worn tyres are a good choice, allowing for a cheaper price of your tyres while still adhering to the guidelines set out for recommended tyre tread depth.

Leadgate tyres ensures you, our customer, that the prices of our tyres are as low as they can possibly be - but we want to offer more. We understand our customers’ needs and that sometimes money may be tight, so putting that Pirelli tyre on your car can be a large expense; so that is why we supply part worn tyres.

So what are "Part Worn" Tyres?

As the name suggests, a "Part worn" tyre is one which has been used previously. In other words, they are "second-hand" tyres. However, part worn tyres can have anywhere between 40% and 80% tread ( the legal minimum being 1.6mm ) and will still have a few thousand miles or more in them. The essential attraction for many motorists is of course the price.

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