Winter vs All Season

All Season Tyres

Combine the benefits of summer and winter tyres for year-round performance.

If changing your summer tyres for winter tyres each season seems like too much hassle then all-season tyres could be the answer. All Season tyres are made from an intermediate rubber compound making them great all-rounders in all weather conditions, from wet and dry surfaces, to ice and light snow. While not matching the performance of specialist summer or winter tyres during these respective seasons, all-season tyres provide a good mix of strengths in mild temperatures.

Winter Tyres

These tyres are designed to provide added grip in snow and ice.

Designed and engineered to work best in cold weather conditions below 7 degrees celcius, winter tyres feature small grooves known as sipes across the larger tread pattern and are constructed with a compound that does not harden in freezing conditions. These characteristics allow the tyre to grip the road far better than a summer tyre in snow and ice and significantly improve braking distances in such conditions.

Summer Tyres

Regular tyres fitted to your vehicle as standard.

Summer tyres are your standard tyre type and are designed to work best in fair weather conditions. They generally perform well on wet and dry road surfaces when the temperature is above 7 degrees celcius. As the UK is not known for extreme changes in weather, many drivers opt to stay on summer tyres all year round.


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