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Roadstone Cp321



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Roadstone CP 321 is a classic tyre from the Roadstone stable which is best for summer and light winter driving, especially for vans, light trucks and pick-ups.

Roadstone CP 321 sports a symmetrical tread pattern with 3 deep circumferential grooves that channelize water off the tyre's tread instantly. The angled grooves along with the innumerable slit-like sipes that drain into the shoulder promise of high aquaplaning resistance. The intermediate tread blocks offer on-road stability and good wet traction, while the broad tread footprint ensure that the tyre lends braking and cornering safety. The slightly criss-cross pattern of the two midribs provide grip on rainy roads, promising support even at high speeds.
Excellent handling on the road
  • Accurate transfer of the information on the road surface, reinforced shoulder block design of handling, and good stability and anti-friction property.

Block type rib design

  • Gentle and comfortable ride quality as well as of strong earthing performance by semi-groove and dense array of cuff.

Tyre Size Fully fitted price:
Size 16 Tyres
Roadstone CP321 185/75R16 104T
D C 72
Roadstone CP321 195/75R16 110Q
D C 72
Roadstone CP321 205/65R16 107R
C C 72
Roadstone CP321 205/75R16 110R
C C 71
Roadstone CP321 215/65R16 109T
C C 72
Roadstone CP321 215/75R16 116Q
C C 72
Roadstone CP321 235/65R16 115T
C C 72