Roadx Rxquest M/T Tyres Available in Consett

Roadx Rxquest M/T


Rxquest M/T

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  • Specially designed tyre developd for cross-country enthusiasts.
  • Uses a specialised rubber compound to create a more balanced tyre with strong grip.
  • Deepened grooves allows mud to easily be discharged from the tread at both high and low speeds. The design also offers better grip when travelling on rocky or rugged roads.
  • Large blocks on the shoulder vastly enhance handling on muddy and rock roads.
  • The shield pattern which extends from the sidewall protects the sidewall from abrasions and increase traction on mud roads. The carcass is designed with three layers of polyester fabric to make it rugged and resistant to strong impacts.

Tyre Size Fully fitted price:
Size 16 Tyres
RoadX RXQuest M/T 235/85R16 120Q
RoadX RXQuest M/T 245/75R16 120Q
Size 17 Tyres
RoadX RXQuest M/T 265/70R17 121Q
RoadX RXQuest M/T 285/70R17 121Q
RoadX RXQuest M/T 33/12R17 114Q
RoadX RXQuest M/T 35/12R17 121Q
Size 18 Tyres
RoadX RXQuest M/T 33/12R18 118Q
Size 20 Tyres
RoadX RXQuest M/T 305/55R20 121Q
RoadX RXQuest M/T 33/12R20 114Q