Three-A Effivan Tyres Available in Consett

Three-A Effivan



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The Effivan pattern has been designed with excellent wear and steering performance in mind.
Vertical grooves
  • Three wide vertical grooves in the tread lead to faster water evacuation and shorter braking distances.
Crown grooves
  • Tiny Grooves on the tyre crown lower the rolling noise whilst the rigidity of the tread is better distributed reducing abnormal wear and increasing the overall mileage.
Tread rigidity
  • Scientific pattern design and low rolling noise offers a more comfortable driving experience.

Tyre Size Fully fitted price:
Size 13 Tyres
Three-A Effivan 175/80R13 97S
Size 14 Tyres
Three-A Effivan 175/80R14 99/98R
D C 72
Size 15 Tyres
Three-A Effivan 215/70R15 109S